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Deschutes Steelhead

Deschutes Steelhead Fishing

These trips are offered in one and multiple day fishing adventures, fishing for the Deschutes Summer Steelhead (nicked named “freight trains"). On our overnight trips we set a base camp approximately 9 miles up river. From this camp we can move up stream or down to fish, depending on where the fish are concentrated.

Deschutes steelhead are well know for being good fly biters. For our fly fishers we start our day early, taking advantage of the morning shade. We lure fish or resting in the mid-day, then return to the river in the late afternoon. We will fish the afternoon shade right up till dark. We fish the greased line technique, casting down stream at a 45 degree angle mend up stream, hang on and let the fly swing into shore. In my opinion there is nothing like catching one of these spectacular fish on a fly.

If you're not a fly fisherman don’t worry, these fish are readily taken on lures and plugs all day long. We use a variety of different spinners, spoons and diving plugs. You will find our camp quit comfortable, usually nestled in the trees for mid-day shade. We provide nice lounge chairs, sleeping cots in our large spacious tents, warm water for your evening shower. A dining area and plenty of ice to keep you refreshments cold.

We offer these trips the entire month of August and the third week of September.

Steelhead Fishing Deschutes

Lower Deschutes Steelhead Fishing Rates:

  • $300 per person / 1 Day
  • $850 per person / 2 Day
  • $1150 per person / 3 Day
  • $1510 per person / 4 Day

Please contact Tina to book your trip by phone 888-767-3144 or Email us.


**To be added to our cancellation contact list Email Us Here. This way if we have a cancellation we will contact you first before listing the date online again.