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Winter steelhead

The steelhead fishing in January and March is some of the greatest of the year. On our Oregon Coastal rivers, primarily the Alsea, Nestucka, and our favorite, the Siletz, we fish for Winter Steelhead. Winter steelhead weigh 8 to 10 pounds and measure 28 to 30 inches in length, with our personal best weighing 28 pounds and measuring 44 inches. On cool days, we fish from a 16- or 20-foot McKenzie River drift boat with comfortable seating and a heater.

For our fishing day, we offer all rods, tackle, and bait.

Steelhead fishing techniques are as varied as the rivers where they can be found. Steelhead fishing requires matching techniques to the river, weather, and water conditions.

We try to fish where the fish are and fit the fishing strategy to the conditions of the day; these two factors boost your chances tenfold.

Winter Steelhead Rates 2023

  • $500 for 2 guests

Bookings are for 2 guests only. To customize your trip, please contact Tina.

Contact Tina to book your trip by phone 888-767-3144 or email.

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Winter Steelhead Rates 2024

  • $275 per person

Bookings are for 2 guests only. To customize your trip, please contact Tina.

The weather is a big question sometimes in Oregon. Below is a link to what the current weather is in this area.

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“A lot of people say there is nothing to do in the winter… matter of opinion, I guess. I know that I will never get tired of floating a beautiful coastal river and watching 10 pounds of fighting chrome fly out of the water—end over end. That’s something really awesome to do and I love it”
—Craig Hughson, Owner

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