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Rogue Fishing Itinerary

Our trip: The Rogue begins in the mountains below Crater Lake, flowing west into Lost Creek reservoir. The Rogue offers good fishing from Shady Cove just below Lost Creek to Gold Beach, approximately 180 miles downstream where the Rogue enters the ocean.

In 1968 -35 miles of the Rogue was deemed Wild & Scenic. The Rogue was in a small group of 8 rivers to first become wild and scenic.

Our trip begins 28 miles west of the city of Grants Pass. We travel 42 miles through the jewel of the Rogue “the wild and scenic section”. Our 3-day trip ends at Foster Bar, 40 miles from Gold Beach and our 4-day trips ends at Agnes 32 miles from Gold Beach.

What do we fish for: The Rogue River host a variety of fish; Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, adult steelhead, half pound steelhead and sturgeon.

We fish for salmon and adult steelhead and half pound steelhead; these runs begin in mid-August and run thru November. We fish for the salmon with plugs and bait; we specialize in fly fishing for the steelhead but will use a plug from time to time. You are our guests if you have a method you wish to try, we are happy to accommodate your wishes.

Type of boats used: McKenzie Drift boats, these boats are designed by early river pioneers in the early 1900’s they were designed for shallow white water, The drift boats has rocket from back to front making it good for white water, it is flat from side to side making it stable, this design make the McKenzie drift boat easy to maneuver for fishing and white water, these are the Cadillac of drift boats they comfortably carry 2 guests and one guide.

Guides: Our guide crew is the best, (many guides as well as outfitters are part time with other jobs in off season) our crew are all full-time guides. They guide a variety of river through Oregon, Idaho and California; this keeps them on top of their game fishing as well as boating skills.

Fishing Techniques: We specialize in fly fishing, however there are many different techniques for catching fish and we come prepared to do what it takes, fly fishing, spin casting, plug trolling, float and jig and bait trolling for salmon. If you have any fishing preferences, we are happy to accommodate you.

Fishing Equipment: Our guides are license and Insured subcontractors, their boats and all fishing gear is their own, all tackle and rods and reels will be furnished for you.

We use the following; Sage, Glooms, Orvis and Beulah fly rods. Orvis, Ross and Hardy brother reels. Our spinning rods are Loomis and Lamiglas with Shimano reels. Our light plug rods and salmon rods are Loomis and Lamiglas as well with ABU Ambassador Reels. Good well-maintained equipment makes fishing easier as well as more fun.

Points of interest: Your guide will point out historic interests and tell historic tails. You can walk up and see Zane Gray’s Cabin, where he wrote many of his western novels. Take a short hike to the Rogue River Historical Museum where you’ll learn about the first white settlers to the canyon and about the Rogue Indians.

Lodging: Rogue River Outfitter uses two of the most historic lodges on the Rogue; Black Bar Lodge night 1 and Paradise Lodge night 2.

Black Bar is not (super fancy) but it is my favorite lodge. Two-person log cabins nestled in the trees. Outdoor BBQ area and a spacious dining hall. When you walk up to Black Bar you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Cabins have 2 beds and private bathrooms.

Paradise Lodge is beautiful; newly remodeled sitting on the banks of the Rogue it’s hard to beat. All rooms and cabins have been remodeled and they were tastefully done. The lodge and some cabins have a river view; all cabins sleep 2 guests and heater as well as private bathrooms.

Meals: You will not go hungry on our Rogue River trips. We provide a shore lunch each day about 12:30, you will find a variety of deli meats, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, chesses among other condiments that make up our great sandwich bar. Also, you will find a variety of homemade salads, cake, cookies, dessert, oh yes also homemade jam. We also cook fresh caught fish to go along with our famous lunch.

Night prior: The nearest airport is in Medford, Oregon it is 40 minutes South of Grants Pass, Oregon. You will want to spend the night prior in Grants Pass or Merlin, this night’s lodging is not included in the package. In our confirmation packet there will be a list of recommended lodges and hotels. The town of Merlin has two lodging facilities to stay. Grants Pass is approximately a 45-minute drive.

Morning of departure: After breakfast at a restaurant of your choice, you’ll drive to our launch location of Grave Creek, which if driving from Grants Pass give yourself an hour, if staying at The Galice Resort you will drive to Graves Creek and it takes about 10 minutes, if staying at Morrison’s Lodge they will drive you Graves Creek. Meeting time at Graves Creek is 8am.

Car Shuttle service: Anyone going down river must have this service. Your vehicle will be taken from our launch location to take out location.

Rogue River Outfitters will make arrangements for your vehicle to be shuttle from Grave Creek, the launch location to the take-out location at Foster Bar. This fee is $130.00 per vehicle and you will need to contact Tina to let her know number of vehicles that need to be shuttled. If you happen to be lodging at Morrison’s Lodge you can make your reservations at check in, they use the same shuttle service as Rogue River Outfitters. If you have a larger group you might to inquiry about a van shuttle from Foster Bar back to the Merlin, Grants Pass or Medford areas. Contact Lynn or Brandon at 541-472-0613. Contact Tina if you need further information on shuttles.

Dinner 1: Our first night at Black Bar your guide changes hats and become chefs and a good one. Evening begins with a homemade hors d’oeuvre. Dinner consist of Spinach salad with our families famous dressing, fresh asparagus stir fry, in season corn on the cob, homemade pesto pasta, New York steaks and our famous Dutch oven biscuits and a Dutch oven dessert to finish the evening.

Breakfast 1: Breakfast includes coffee, juice, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs omelet, home style potatoes and toast.

Night 2: We arrive at Paradise Lodge where the lodge staff will prepare our meals. Dinner consists of barbecued ribs, chicken, fresh veggies, salad and dessert.

Breakfast 2: Breakfast includes coffee, juice, cereal, yogurt, bacon, sausage, French toast, and scrambled eggs.

Weather: The weather varies greatly from our start in late August to our finish in early November. As a rule, September is still summer with day temperatures in the 80’s night time 55- to 60 degrees. We typically wear shorts and a light shirt during the day I like to have a fleece jacket handy for the morning and evenings.

October is still a very nice month it’s not uncommon to see 80-degree temperature but even on a hot day you’ll notice cool spots where it’s shady. By mid-October you should be ready for some rain, not to say it will happen, but it can, day temps are 70 degrees with the evenings dipping to 50 degrees. About mid-October we typically wear long pants and light rubber boots and a warmer long sleeve shirt, both months are very nice, and we see very little rain through the season. We recommend couples to go in September to mid-October when the weather is a better guarantee.

Trip ends: Our trip ends at Foster Bar around 3pm on day 3 or on day 4. We will not send you home hungry along with the everyday sandwich bar we bring out fresh homemade salads daily. You will also be served fresh steelhead at the final lunch.