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Rafting with RRO Q&A

The Rogue River begins high in the cascades mountains behind Crater Lake and flows 215 miles west to Gold Beach on the Pacific Ocean. The Rogue River, behind the Willamette and Columbia, is Oregon’s third longest river. 84 miles of the Rogue River were designated as Wild and Scenic in 1968. The Rogue River was one of just eight rivers in the United States to be designated as a Wild and Scenic River. The Clearwater, Eleven Point, Feather, Rio Grande, St. Croix, Salmon, and Wolf Rivers were the other seven, bringing the total number of Wild and Scenic rivers in the United States to 226. From above Shady Cove to Gold Beach, the Rogue River contains roughly 174 miles of floatable waters. The Wild and Scenic Highway runs from Grants Pass to Gold Beach, and it starts seven miles west of Grants Pass and finishes 11 miles east of Gold Beach. Graves Creek is the start of the 34-mile Jewel of the Wild and Scenic.

About Your RRO Raft Trip

Our trips depart from Grants Pass, Oregon, 28 miles west. We go approximately 42 miles through the gem of the Rogue River’s Wild and Scenic portion. Our travels end forty miles (1 hour) from Gold Beach, Oregon, near Foster Bar. While rafting down the river, you’ll be treated to breathtaking scenery, exhilarating whitewater, numerous birds and other wildlife, and stories of native Americans, gold miners, and early settlers. You’ll spend the night in one of our deluxe camps on the river or in one of the rustic river lodges.


Along the Rogue River, there are a few attractively arranged lodges. Black Bar (night 1) and Paradise (night 2) are the two we use the most. These two lodges are totally different, but both are fantastic.  Both lodges provide two beds, a heater, and a private bathroom in each cabin or room. Black Bar and Paradise both offer hearty family-style dinners and breakfasts.


There are various camping options along the Rogue River. We have a personal favorite. On our camp trips, we have a guide whose primary responsibility is to set up camp. Everything is ready when we arrive at camp at the end of our river day. Tents (2 guests per tent) and cots (if needed) are put up. The kitchen and cooking area are ready to use. The hors d’oeuvres and drink table has been set, and the lounge chairs have been placed. Your guides transformed into 5-star chefs, preparing dinner and breakfast for you and do all the clean-up. All you do is unwind and enjoy yourself.


Each day of your trip we will stop, and the guides will set out a shoreside lunch. You will not believe what comes out of the rafts. Lunch is at 12 NOON and is set out deli style with a variety of sandwiches makings. There are multiple homemade salads with new ones each day along with cakes, cookies, and chips. Dinners and breakfasts are either made fresh by the guides on camping trips or by the lodge staff on lodge trips. Meals should not be a great concern—you will not go hungry.


We use Sotar rafts and High side kayaks. These rafts and kayaks are all self-bailing. They are excellent rafts. On a standard trip of 10 guests, we take an 18 ft. raft with seating for 6 guests; a 14 ft. paddle assist with seating for 6 guests, and 3 kayaks. If you book an exclusive trip, you can request any raft combinations you would like.


During the months of July and August, our fishing guides become rafting guides. Our guides are excellent instructors because they fish. They are patient, enjoy working with people, know the river thoroughly and out, are knowledgeable about the history of the area, and are excellent boatmen. Our guides are on the boat all year and are well-versed about these waters.


One of our first jobs as guides is to figure out our guests—are they water people, adventuresome, nervous, animal and bird watchers, or historians. Our favorite is all the above, even nervous. There is nothing better than the guest that is not quite sure and then an hour in they are in a kayak leading the way. The Rogue is rich with history. Nearly every creek has a story. At Whiskey Creek there is an old gold miners’ cabin last occupied by Lue Martin. Rainey’s Falls was the home of old man Raimie who netted salmon at the falls for a living. Black Bar and Paradise Lodges also have rich history. Author Zane Gray had a cabin on the river—off and on, he spent 10 years here. The Rogue River Ranch Museum at Mule Creek, which during the gold rush, was the center of it all. And there is much more…


From the beginning of July through the end of August, the weather remains steady. The average daytime temperature is 90 degrees, with a 54-degree average nighttime temperature. Early in July, the water temperature averages 65 degrees, and in August, it averages 70 degrees. Because we can’t forecast the weather, we always bring a light jacket and rain gear with us.

Driving Instructions to and from your trip

We know how confusing it can be to drive to the launch site as well as getting back to I-5 after your trip ends. We have included some maps to show you how to get to our launch location. Click the map image to enlarge.

Here is a link to the Google Maps View

On the hand-drawn map, the green line is showing how to get to the launch site. The black line is showing Bear Camp Road and the route to get back to I-5.

If you want to print out a full size image of the map on the right, click here.

Trip Preparation Details by Step

The information below will be explained in detail on the following tabs. These steps are designed to make your trip run as smoothly as possible.

STEP 1: The Packet

STEP 2: Shuttles

STEP 3: Things to Bring List

STEP 4: The Night Prior to Trip Information

STEP 5: The Morning of Your Trip

STEP 6: Launch Details

STEP 7: Gold Beach, Oregon Information


Prior to your trip, RRO will send you a copy of our trip release waiver in our trip packet. Sign, date, and send to Tina via email or regular mail. Prior to the trip’s start date, all guests must sign the release form. Consider purchasing travel insurance from one of the listed companies. We strongly recommend and encourage you to think about it. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. See our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

On launch day, Tina will only be available by phone prior to 6:00 a.m. and back in the office after 11:30 a.m.


This service is required for anyone traveling down the river. Tina will prepare shuttle paperwork and envelopes for you. There is no cell phone coverage at the launch site or at the takeout location, and there is no TAXI or UBER service; you must have your vehicle shuttled. Make sure you have a spare key and a full tank of gas.

We subcontract with BLT Shuttles. Rogue River Outfitters will have shuttles forms available for you at the launch location. BLT will pick your vehicle up the morning of the launch and take your vehicle to their secure location and deliver your vehicle to the takeout point the day of.

If you wish to hire a van service, we recommend Town & Country Shuttles. You will need to make these reservations.

It is your responsibility to arrange the proper shuttle service. If you do not have a spare key, please contact Tina for more information.


Shuttle Service Contact Information:

BLT Shuttle Service ($135.00 per vehicle). Call 541- 659-2212

Town & Country Shuttles (van service). Call 541-476-7773


Takeout time is 2:00 p.m. At the end of your trip, you will have the option of driving over the mountain (Bear Camp) back to the Grants Pass area (1 hour, 50 minutes) or continuing to Oregon’s Treasure of the South coast, beautiful Gold Beach (45 minutes). Here you can enjoy hiking, beach combing, or fishing.

Once again if you have any questions or need help please call Tina, she is more than happy to help.


Pack your clothing as directed on the “Things to Bring List.” Clothing and other down river gear will be repacked into waterproof bags at the launch site. If possible, we like to deliver the bags to your hotel the night before trip (call Tina if you have questions). Larger waterproof bags for your sleeping bags and pillows will be at the put-in location.

ARRIVE AT THE RIVER READY TO GO!!! You will want to arrive in river attire on and ready to go. It maybe a little chilly in the morning, so it would be a good idea also to have nylon pants and jacket on hand, they can be easily stuffed into your day bag.

You will get wet on your raft trip. For your comfort, we have made a list of clothing that works best. Stay away from wearing clothing that will soak up water and takes a long time to dry like cotton sweatshirts and jeans; those are good for evening but not daytime attire.

  • Change of clothing for each night at camp or at the lodges.
  • Change of dry shoes for night at camp or at the lodges.
  • Pair of river sandals for day use (I suggest Tevas or Chaos). A second pair of shoes for evening time. Trust me after being in wet sandals all day and having wet feet, dry shoes are the best feeling.
  • Warm jacket, sweatshirt, or a set of nylon jacket and pants (great for the mornings). We cannot predict the weather—although July and August are usually nice and warm, light rain gear is advised.
  • Swimming attire.
  • Good sun hat, baseball cap, straw hat, etc.
  • Inexpensive sunglasses and chums to keep sunglasses from falling off.
  • Greaseless sunscreen (non-scented). Bugs love smelly/greasy stuff.
  • Bug repellant (non-scented).
  • Small flashlight (for evening time).
  • Personal toiletries/bio-degradable soap (for camp trips).
  • Towel and washcloth (camp/lodge trips and camp/camp trips).
  • Camera – we will provide you with a waterproof day bag but if you have a camera bag you may bring that along, we will have seat box room for these.
  • Liquor and wine may be in glass; however, we do prefer plastic.
  • We provide drinking water and lemon-aid.


  • Sleeping pads and tents will be provided for your use (we will provide waterproof bags for your sleeping bags and pillow).
  • If you do not have a sleeping bag, we currently rent them for a cleaning fee of $30.00 per bag. Call Tina to reserve your sleeping bags, we need at least 2-week notice to make sure we can accommodate you.
  • NO SUITECASES ALLOWED. We will provide you with 2 waterproof bags—a small bag for cameras, sunscreen, hats, etc.—and a larger bag for your cloths and toiletries. These bags will be given to you preferably the night before our trip or a launch site (waterproof bags for your sleeping bags will be provided at launch site)

We recommend packing each day’s clothing in a large Zip-Loc bag. This makes repacking into our waterproof bags fast and easy. The Zip-Loc bags provides one extra layer of waterproofing, keeping your clothes fresh and clean as well as keep your clothing away from wet and other dirty items.


We recommend that you stay the night before your trip at Grants Pass or Galice. Please make reservations in advance for the months of July and August, as these are the busiest months in Southern Oregon. Below are a few of the places where our guests have stayed and given us great comments. You’ll also find a list of popular restaurants in the area. Please let us know where you will be staying when you make your reservation so we can bring your waterproof bags the night before your trip.

The Lodge at Riverside:
Located right on the Rogue River in downtown Grants Pass. Visit www.thelodgeatriverside.com or call 541-955-0600.

Hampton Inn:
Easy access to I-5. Visit www.hamptoninn.com or call 541-474-5690.

La Quinta Inn & Suites:
Easy access to I-5. Visit www.wyndhamhotles.com or call 541-472-0152.

Holiday Inn Express:
Easy access to I-5. Visit www.holidayinnexpess.com or call 541-471-6144.

Best Western:
Easy access to I-5. Visit www.bestwestern.com or call 877-237-8791.

Riverside Inn:
Also located on the Rogue River. Visit www.riverside-inn.com or call 541-476-6873.

Weasku Inn:
A little further away but what a great place. Visit www.weaskuhistoriclodge.com or call 855-797-6733. Great dining only 5 minutes away at Rivers Edge.



Wild River Brewery & Pizza Co.

Baldini’s (located in Merlin)

Tap Rock

Tacomania (located in Merlin)

El Paraiso

Twisted Cork

Circle J

Horney Goat

Laughing Clam

River’s Edge (5 minutes away from Weasku Inn)

Ma Mosa’s



Black Bear Diner


After breakfast of your choice, you will drive to our put in at Argo, driving time from Grants Pass to Argo is 45 minutes (see maps above). Meeting time is 9:00 a.m.


When you arrive at Argo, you will be greeted by our guides and given your dry bags as well as a day dry bag for items such as phones, cameras, sunglasses, and sunscreen. (This is if you have not received bags night prior from us) After that, everyone will be equipped for a life jacket (class III-V), a river safety presentation will be given, and then we’ll be off!!!!

If you should have any questions regarding any of the above steps, PLEASE do not hesitate to email or call 1-888-767-3144.


For those of your who intent to stay around the area after your trip may we suggest traveling 45 minutes from our takeout location (Foster Bar) to the small town of Gold Beach, Oregon. For more information on places to stay and eat, visit www.goldbeachoregon.gov.


Pacific Reef Hotel: www.pacificreefhotel.com or 541-247-6658

Best Western: www.bestwestern.com or 541-2477066

Gold Beach Inn: www.goldbeachinn.com or 541-247-7091



Spinners: www.spinners.com or 541-247-5160

Port Hole Café: www.portholecafe.com or 541-247-7411

Barnacle Bistro: www.barnaclebistro.com or 541-247-7799


Breakfast Places
Indian Creek Café: 541-247-0680

Double D’s Café: 541-247-6565

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